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I’m not against meditation or any other method that promises to bring inner peace and mindfulness. The emptiness of worries and thoughts. Deep concentration. All good stuff. But I firmly believe that’s not what most people need right now.

We need a good chat with those rambling and often uncomfortable…

Perspective is a powerful tool. Take advantage of it on those challenging days.

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A life-changing experience

We can all claim at least one. From the thrill-seeking adventurous to the lying-low book lover, anyone can reflect on a moment where something triggered a sequence of events that changed their path. They dealt with it…

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“If only they”.. “unfortunately I can’t”.. “I wish I could”.. just many forms of the same fallacy of the lack of choice. …

Rafael Van Gysel

Engineer by day — insatiable learner and thinker 24/7. Hoping to make an impact by sharing provoking thoughts and ideas.

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